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       12, 24 V  Latch relay   


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 Momentary-to-Toggle (Bi-Stable) Switching Converter

The LATCH module is an auxiliary device designed to allow easy and reliable arming/disarming momentary, two wire start stop circuit, or with hand-held wireless remote controls. It may be looked upon as an easy-to-use, cost-effective "momentary-to-toggle (bi-stable)" switching converter.
Momentary closure of the terminals 2 and 5 will latch the relay.
A subsequent momentary closure of the  contacts will unlatch the relay.

Reset the Toggle relay by removing power from terminal 2 or 10
Note: The LATCH module is also suitable for similar performance of other remote control operations.
The relay provides N.O. and N.C. contacts, and can therefore be used with a wide variety of control applications.

Specifications and  Features
  • The LATCH relay provides N.O. and N.C. outputs.
  • Operating power 12 VDC 24 VAC/DC  and 120/220vAC
  • Current drain - less than 1mA (unlatched), 60 mA (latched).
  • Relays switching  10A /  125VAC.
  • Auto reset by power removal
  • Octal and DIN mount 11 pin Octal DIN base included
Replaces the normal ON/OFF with an electronic bi-stable circuit and an SPDT relay output contacts.
. Warning: Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety
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